Rodney Alcala: "The Dating Game" Killer

A dating game contestant won a date with a beautiful bachelorette, but no one knew what danger she was being put in. On the show The Dating Game, Rodney Alcala was one of three contestants in 1978. He was charming, likable, and always had a smooth answer. It was no wonder why the woman picked him out of the three.

At the time, he had already committed many sexual assaults on women and children. He had been arrested but let go many times. What the police didn’t know that, at that time, he had already killed three women. He and the woman went on the date, but there was no chemistry and they never spoke again. His last victim was 12-year-old Robin Samoe in 1979,  just a year later. He was already a convicted rapist and child abuser but was continuously let free.

Eventually, he was caught and convicted of the other murders and sexual assaults. Believe police that he could be responsible for up to 130 sexual assaults, and some other murders. He is currently facing a life sentence at 75-years-old.    

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