Scary Movies To Binge in November

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, scary movies become even more enticing! Luckily, all of your favorite streaming services are dropping new movies to binge with those in your household. From Netflix and Hulu originals to cult classics, there are a bunch of new films to hunker down with for the night. 

Netflix - The Call

This Netflix original film is dropping on November 27.

The premise is simple: a woman moves back to her hometown in Japan and somehow connects to a past occupant of her home via phone... Quite literally in the past. The woman is in touch with another woman living in the year 1999. The relationship between the present and previous occupants turns dark and sinister as they are tempted to play with each other's timelines...

Hulu - Run

Available now on Hulu.

Run follows the story of a single mother who is a full-time caretaker of her wheelchair-bound daughter. It becomes apparent that things have gone awry in their relationship as the daughter starts to pick up on small aspects of their lives that just don't make sense...

Amazon Prime Video - I Know What You Did Last Summer

Available now on Prime!

Most horror fanatics have already seen this campy cult classic, but who doesn't love to rewatch a classic? I Know What You Did Last Summer dropped on Amazon Prime Video on November 1st to fulfill that campy desire. The film follows a group of teenagers who are being stalked and killed by a man with a hook hand. They're "paying" for the unspeakable act they committed the summer before...

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