Scary Urban Legends From All 50 States

The Italian Bride – Illinois

New bride Julia Buccola Petta died during childbirth in 1921. She was buried in her wedding dress. Her mother claimed that she was having nightmares of her daughter and needed to see her again. She demanded that the coffin be opened up, and put up a fight with the government for six years until they finally gave in. When they opened it, she was not decomposed at all. It was just like they buried her. People claim to see her in the cemetery in the dead of night. The photo pictured is of her actual dead body six years after she was buried…

Water Babies of Massacre Rocks – Pocatello, ID

Apparently, this river is haunted by the sounds of babies crying at night and little baby hand and footprints. Hundreds of years ago, the area was ravaged by famine. The story goes that mothers had to drown their babies in the river to stop their suffering.


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