Signs Our Deceased Loved Ones Send From the Other Side

Have you ever felt an unexplained coincidence or experienced a strange encounter that made you stop and scratch your head? Most of the time, when something unexplained happens, we try to use logic to explain the unexplainable, but perhaps, these unexplained events actually have deeper meaning...

If you've experienced the loss of a friend or loved one, a sign that they are still with you can be comforting, however, most of the time, we overlook these small things. If you've ever experienced one of the following signs, however, maybe you'll think twice after reading this list. 

The first sign that a loved one is trying to communicate is through electricity. Spirits often play with lights, manipulate appliances, turn the tv on and off, all in an attempt to let us know they are with us in spirit. 

Spirits can also give off fragrances. Did your grandmother wear a very distinct perfume that you swear you can smell from time to time? While there doesn't seem to be a logical explanation for smelling the familiar scent of someone who has passed away, this could just be a sign that they're trying to say "hello" and let us know they're there.

Other signs that spirits are trying to communicate with us are:

  1. They visit through an animal or insect. If an animal acts uncharacteristically, sometimes it's actually a loved one trying to communicate with us without totally frightening us.
  2. They place symbolic objects in our paths -- ever see a coin on your path and instantly think of your late grandfather? 
  3. They often come to us through numbers and number patterns. This could be through a clock or billboard/advertisement. The numbers may be meaningful, as well, often appearing as the deceased birthday, date of the passing, or time of their passing.
  4. The deceased can also visit us in our dreams. 
  5. They place thoughts in our minds that feel like they came out of nowhere. Pay attention to thoughts that just feel like they randomly popped into your head.
  6. They watch over us. This one might seem simple, but as we go through the grieving process, we are more in tune with the other side. We feel our loved ones around us the most and this is because they are there spiritually, helping to guide us through our grief.

Which of these spiritual happenings have you experienced?

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