South Korea Now Testing Cats and Dogs for COVID-19

South Korea reported a Coronavirus case in a kitten a few weeks ago, and now the capital city Seoul is starting a testing initiative for pets. However, only pets who show symptoms like fever and difficulty breathing after being exposed to a human with the virus are eligible for testing. If the pet tests positive, they are required to quarantine. 

Despite the need to quarantine, there's no need for a pet to be sent to an isolation facility because pets cannot transmit the disease to humans. They can, however, transmit the disease to other pets. If the pet owner is too old or ill to care for the animal, then they will be taken to a facility. Along with a case in a kitten, COVID-19 has been found in various zoo animals. 

As COVID-19 cases still gradually rage, Seoul isn't taking any chances at encouraging the spread. Testing pets could be the first of many steps to help flatten the curve (again) as vaccines continue to steadily rollout. 

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Post originally appeared on American Upbeat.