Sprinter Trayvon Bromell Competes Again After Remarkable Recovery

Sprinter Travyon Bromell is back on track after another devastating injury.

The devoutly religious athlete has endured a number of injuries throughout the past quarter of a century, including two broken knees, a fractured arm and hip, and a torn Achilles in 2016 which threatened his career. Fortunately, Bromell is not only well enough to compete after a two-year absence—he's a favorite to win the 100-meter in Tokyo.

"Every doctor that I've seen these past couple years has told me 'No, you will not be back in top form. You will not be able to run what you ran years prior.' And God said 'No,'" Bromell said.

"For me, personally, it's all about purpose. I'm not thinking about no medals. I'm not thinking about no times, I’m not thinking about what people see or none of that," he continued.

Bromell has adopted a strict "no days off" policy on the journey to Tokyo, and the rigorous training has certainly paid off. This week, Bromell has a world-leading time of 9.77 seconds in the men's 100-meters, essentially assuring him a spot on Team USA.

"People want to make it all, you know, luck—no. Science—no. I'm sorry," Bromell said, alluding that his faith has afforded him the ability to keep going after all these years.

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.