Stranger Helps Another Shopper Pay for Little Girl's Birthday Gift

A birthday is a big deal, especially for a little girl. When a mother in Warwick, RI was walking through Kohl's looking for a birthday present for her daughter, she was worried about the cost. Mikalina O'Connor and her daughter Christine Greene were there to pick out a special gift (under $25, hopefully). When her daughter spotted a Mickey Mouse shopping cart, it was an instant joy. 

"I'm holding my wallet with the gift card as I'm about to approach the gift card, I go to pull the gift card I realized that I dropped it," recalled the mother of the shopping spree. "I turned around, I asked, 'Did anyone find a gift card that says 'baby' on it?' She was screaming in the stroller, I was trying to calm her down. That's when it must have slipped." She was embarrassed, as she had no other way to pay for the present. 

Unexpectedly, a stranger and his wife approached her and offered to pay for the gift. They said no little girl should go without a toy. After thanking them profusely, O'Connor posted the kind deed in her West Warwick Community Facebook group.

The group was able to identify the couple, who responded: "No need to thank me, Mikalina. I would hope someone would do it for me also but happy birthday to your daughter. You are very welcome."

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Post originally appeared on Endeared.