Subway is Launching a Garlic Bread Scented Diffuser

For those still itching to find the perfect holiday gift, Subway's new product has arrived just in time. Subway UK has developed a garlic bread reed diffuser to fill your home with the sweet smells of garlic bread goodness all year long. Don't worry, it also includes cheese smells. The elegant diffuser isn't meant to be a joke, in fact, it's predicted to be the "smell of 2020" according to UK Country Director Colin Hughes. 

The scents are spread between three different reeds. The reeds are meant to resemble skinny breadsticks, though a little bit higher class. It's got accompanying shinier covering, muted tones, minimal design, and classy font. The diffuser looks similar to options that go for upwards of 80 dollars! The chic design is sure to seel out fast among  Subway fanatics. 

The product will begin rollouts in the new year, and the price has not yet been set. The smell of freshly baked garlic bread was named the favorite smell of over 2,000 adults. It beat out scents like Christmas trees, cinnamon, and gingerbread, so grab yours as soon as you can!

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.