Surprising Trail Camera Photos That You Have to See to Believe

Both hunters and nature enthusiasts use trail cameras to catch a glimpse of what's going on in the natural world while they're not around to see it. Most of the time the cameras capture animals doing normal activities like feeding and walking around scavenging, but sometimes these cameras catch some insane animal activity, unexplained encounters, and just plain weird occurrences. Here's your chance to see what goes on in the woods when no one is around to see it—some of these pictures are truly unexplainable...

Some Privacy, Please

Can't a guy get a little privacy? Poor thing has no idea that it's private, personal moments have been shared for the world to see... No one wants to relieve themselves in front of everyone!

Personal Space

When this bear spotted the camera, his curiosity got the best of him, so he came in real close to snap a quick selfie. Someone might want to teach a little bit about working his angles, though. 


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