Texas' Unsolved Mysteries

Texas is a big state, so it kind of makes sense that there's a lot of weird things going on there! There are tons of unsolved mysteries that take the cake for being the weirdest out there.

For starters, Austin, Texas was ravaged by the Servant Girl Annihilator. From December 1884 until December 1885, seven women and one man were killed. Six women and two men were targeted for murder but escaped. The identity to this person was never known. 

The Levelland UFO case is another unsolved mystery where several citizens reported egg-shaped orbs flying over roads in 1957. All of the witnesses were inside of their cars and said that the objects were traveling at a high rate of speed. The US Air Force looked into it and apparently claimed that the phenomenon was a case of "ball lightning." The Air Force also only interviewed six of the 15 people who came forward. Naturally, no one believes them.

The Icebox Murders is one of Houston's most famous unsolved cases. Fred and Edwina Rogers were found chopped up in their own freezer. Their son, Charles, was nowhere to be found and hasn't been seen since. He's considered a suspect, but there is also a theory that he was a CIA agent who was directly involved with the assassination of JFK. 

Speaking of which, the JFK assassination is one of the biggest conspiracy theories to come out of Texas. The President was assassinated on November 22, 1963, during a motorcade parade. The only suspect ever thought to be guilty was Lee Harvey Oswald, who was murdered a few days later. There were many bizarre circumstances that went along with this assassination that don't add up. Many people seem to believe it was the fault of the government. 

Are there any unsolved Texas mysteries you know of?

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