The Biggest Paychecks Earned By Your Favorite TV Commercial Actors

Do you remember Flo from Progressive? How about the T-Mobile girl? Or the AT&T saleswoman? It can be easy to forget that those people are real actors who take home a real paycheck. How much are these famous commercial faces really worth behind the scenes? 

The AT&T Spokeswoman

The woman from the AT&T commercials is actually named Milana Vayntrubm. Before she was famous for being the AT&T lady, she was a model and actor starting at age 5. Moving from Uzbekistan to Hollywood when she was just a baby, the young star had to help supplement her family's income with her small acting gigs. Eventually, the family found their financial footing, and she was able to act full-time. 

Keep Going

Milana was first seen in Barbie commercials when she was just a kid, but her later web series Let's Talk About Something More Interesting appearances landed her the coveted phone commercial gig. After that money came through, Milana finally earned enough in savingsAT&T paid her handsomely for her work, about $500,000 for the commercials. She then went on to act in the Yahoo! series Other Space.


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