The Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks That You Have To See

Weirdly enough, there are tons of amusement parks left abandoned by its owners. All over the world, there are rusting rides and graffiti’d walls where people once took their family for a day of fun.

A lot of these parks are easily available if you’re brave enough!

Splendid China, Florida

American entrepreneurs decided to bring one of China’s most visited tourist attractions to the US as a theme park. Obviously, it didn’t really work. Splendid China closed pretty soon after it opened. Now, it’s a hot spot for vandals to hang out.

Six Flags, New Orleans

After Hurricane Katrina, this particular Six Flags never saw the light of day again. It was so heavily damaged by the storm that it’ll probably never see another open day. People have been trying to work on it and reopen it, but funds always fall short. The park is subjected to teens breaking in and exploring the huge, abandoned park. Film directors can also rent out the spot for some eerie scenes.

Pripyat Amusement Park, Ukraine

The park had to close its doors after the Chernobyl disaster. Officials believed that the park could reopen after a few days, but that soon became unlikely. There are still high levels of radiation in the area after the accident. Now, most of the rides are covered in rust and are dangerous. It’s an eerie reminder of what happened that day…

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