The Ghosts of Hell Town, Ohio

A place called Hell Town is bound to bring some curious visitors in search of answers. The town, founded in 1806, was originally called Boston but garnered its eerie name after it became a true ghost town. 

The canals in the area helped Boston, Ohio thrive. People began flocking there for rampant job opportunities. At one point, the small town was considered large and populated enough to warrant a railroad station. Just like all economic booms, the progress in the town slowed down. Eventually, it began to struggle. 

The situation hit a wall when President Ford signed a bill to "save" land to make it part of a national park in 1974. The loophole was that once the land was acquired, the government had eminent domain and were allowed to push people off of their own land for the sake of a national park. The town of Boston was a huge part of that, and a lot of people ended up losing their homes to the government.

By 1983, the town was completely deserted. Thus, it became Hell Town. Local lore was rampant and ghost stories began surfacing among neighboring towns.

Rumors about government conspiracies, Satanic rituals, and ghosts in the woods. It's generally agreed that most of the stories are just lore created by nearby residents for a good ghost story, but the true history behind the town is scarier than any lore. 

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