The Hidden Meanings Behind These Celebrities Tattoos

Tattoos don't always need to have meanings behind them. But, sometimes a fun image, a cool quote, or a couple of dots can mean more than meets the eye. These celebrities have tons of tattoos, and plenty have hidden meanings. After doing some digging, we've been able to uncover the truth behind these tats. 

Emma Stone

Stone and her mother got these matching "crow's feet" tattoos together, This tattoo is supposed to represent the song "Blackbird" by the Beatles. Both Stone and her mother are huge Beatles fans, and Stone suggested they get these tattoos together when her mother got diagnosed with cancer. 

Miley Cyrus

Miley has several tiny, beautiful tattoos to commemorate her life in small, different ways. This one is a portrait of her Shetland sheepdog named Emui. Her tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, actually spoiled the surprise of a public reveal for her by posting the photo on Instagram prematurely. 


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