The Jumping Ghost of Peckham

In 1871 and 1872, the district of Peckham in south London reported many ghost sightings. 

First, it began with a "ghost" breaking windows at night. This ended up with a "foreigner" getting caught. The window-breaking rampage ceased for a few months...

A few months later in April and May of 1872, another window-breaking event happened. This was blamed on a 13-year-old named Nott. In October of that same year, there were sightings of a figure dressed in white who prowled the streets. This figure would scare women and sometimes even grab them from behind. 

Some witnesses ended up seeing the ghost. They described it as very tall, between six and eight feet. Some even said it had horns, but most people believe that those people were just drunk. After all, the figure was mostly seen once the bars let out...

The ghost reportedly screamed in a weird way. It would jump high fences and run at superhuman speed. 

Eventually, a vigilante Anti-Ghost Fund was established to try and rid the town of the bizarre creature. Eventually, after more reports and experiences with the figure, the suspect was caught. It was Joseph Munday, a homeless man who worked alone.

The victims were able to identify him as the ghost they had seen due to his demeanor. He was sentenced to six months in jail.

The town thought that everything was done and over with... 10 days later, a man was driving his cart down a desolate road when he saw a figure in white approaching him. The figure was running. 

The man whipped up his horses and tried to get away. The ghost continued to chase him for several minutes, shrieking. It finally left him alone. To this day, no one knows if the ghost was fact or fiction...

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