The Legend of the Cornish Owlman

The first-ever account of the Owlman was from Tony "Doc" Shiels in 1976. He wrote in a letter that he was approached by a man and his two daughters who came across something "very weird" over Easter weekend. They saw something hovering over a church tower...

It scared them so much that they cut their Easter trip short. He described the figure as "a big owl with pointed ears, as big as a man. The eyes were red and glowing." 

Doc, being a paranormal investigator, knew that this was a case that he had to take on. He published the encounter so that his readers could be open to the experience and to possibly help him connect any dots. 

The man did not want Doc to interview his daughters, but he did give him a drawing that his older daughter created. This would come in handy a few months later after Doc publishes his letter...

Two readers, Sally Chapman and Barbara Perry, wrote to Doc saying that they had a similar experience near the church in Mawnan. They said that they heard a hissing sound and aw a create outside of their tend. It was like an owl but as big as a man. 

He was able to match their descriptions to the drawing he got earlier. Some people believe that this entire study is a hoax and that these people went in on it just to get some fame to their names. Others said that it could be an eagle owl, which can be over two-feet-long with a six-foot wingspan. 

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