The Local Legends Behind The Gilson Road Cemetery

The Gilson Road Cemetery is reportedly the most haunted plot of land in all of New Hampshire. Located off of eerie and desolate Gilson Road, the cemetery used to be a burial place for Native Americans. Apparently, once non-Natives were buried there, the angry spirits began guarding the grounds in an attempt to scare off any intruders. 

Another local legend tells the story of a banished medicine man from a nearby Native tribe. He would lure unsuspecting victims into the graveyard under the guise of "blessing" them with strong spirits who would help them protect their villages in battle. In reality, he lured them into the graveyard to kill and sacrifice them.

These stories were born under the fact that there is little information about how the cemetery was created. It's believed that it started with unmarked graves, possibly from dumping bodies, and grew from there.

Many people have reported seeing light anomalies in the cemetery and on the surrounding road. Others have claimed to witness full apparitions. Above all, one of the most common reports is hearing whispers from all corners of the graveyard...

According to local lore, there is a spirit named Betty Gilson who is looking for her baby. If you shout, "Betty, I have your baby!" she will appear. She's wearing colonial-era attire and is all white. There is no evidence to support that Betty Gilson exists, but it's a fun local legend for kids to try and test out...

The Gilson Road Cemetery will always be one of the most haunted in the state. People flock there at night to try and have a paranormal experience. More often than not, they will find just what they went there looking for. After all, there are a few alleged spirits to try and conjure up... One is bound to work!

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