The Morbid Sand Toys For Kids

Beach Bag O' Bones is a real thing that's being sold to real children. Maybe your kid is into anatomy or wants to be an architect... Or, maybe, they are a total serial killer but you're just not quite aware of that yet. Either way, maybe these bone molds are perfect for your beach day activities. 

If you wanted to set up a crime scene at the beach, this is your chance. The morbid molds resemble human bones and can be scattered out as you see fit. 

“Make your next beach adventure a day of intrigue and discovery,” the description reads. “No beach adventure is complete without finding a skeleton buried in the sand. The Bag O’ Beach Bones encourages sand play, imaginative play, outdoor play, and interest in anatomy. This kit includes 14 life-sized molds to construct a sand skeleton. Hand and feet bones are connected in one mold so fingers and toes will always come out intact. These skeleton molds are great for sand or snow.”

Morbid? Cute? Funny? Educational? You decide. 

Maybe supervision is required for this toy... If you catch your eight-year-old setting up a crime scene on the beach, therapy may be required.

In reality, this is a neat little toy that very well could be used educationally. Maybe teachers could even use it at some point! 

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