The Dangers of 'Extreme Selfie Taking'

The world is a beautiful, dangerous place. And some places are just as beautiful as they are dangerous, which is where we come in. Take a picture at any of these places if you dare.

How are you supposed to prove that you went on an expensive and dangerous vacation without a photograph to back it up? Couples, families, single folks, and groups of friends are getting increasingly more injured while pushing the boundaries of what it takes to take the dopest picture. Take this couple, for example. They're positing on Mount Hua in China, this particular spot on the mountain has the tourist traversing rickety plank bridges while connected to the face with a torso harness, which is not safe. 

This particular photo was taken 7,087 feet off of the ground, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. As "extreme tourism" becomes more popular, spots like these are flooding with young individuals that are ready to risk their lives for the perfect shot. 


Dangerous selfie-taking isn't just reserved for point-and-shoot environments anymore, people are taking selfies on the go now, literally. The newest phenomenon in the annual "Running With the Bulls" ceremony has attendees, usually American attendees, that will try to take selfies during the run itself. This act is very illegal and is punishable by prison time and fines up to €6,000. 

The same goes for the Tour de France. Frequently, bystanders and sectators will cause accidents by getting too close to the bikers or trying to take selfies, with their backs turned, facing the edges of mountains. Fortunately, nobody has died from a bike accident in the Tour de France in just under a decade, but the risk is always there. 

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