The Most Unusual Things to Ever Wash Ashore

A day at the beach can go south very quickly, especially if you spot something strange along the shoreline. The people who took these pictures certainly did, and while some of them are wacky, wonderful, or just plain weird, these photos prove that some things under the sea should stay there...

Under the Sea Monster

This is deeply unsettling to look at. The residents of Seram Island, Indonesia found a single boat-sized creature dripping with red fluid on their shores. With parts of its body inflated by large quantities of gas-producing bacteria, it was quite a sight. However, scientists explained that the creature was simply a type of baleen whale…

Oarfish Ovaries

When a deep-sea oarfish measuring 4 meters (13.5 feet) in total length washed up on the shores of Catalina Island in California on June 1, 2015, the animal offered scientists the rare opportunity to take a closer look at the creature's inner biology. Teams of researchers jumped at the opportunity to study the fish, which they discovered had ovaries measuring 7 feet long!


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