The New Sundance Thriller 'Relic' is Twisted

IFC Film's released Relic on streaming services and the horror crowd went wild. 

The story follows the disappearance of a family matriarch. A mother and daughter due try to find her and wind up searching the old family home. Instead of their matriarch, they found eerie notes all over the home.

The women worry about their matriarch until she resurfaces randomly one day. She can't speak and won't tell her daughter and granddaughter what's going on. The women start to suspect that something negative is taking up space in her mind. 

All good horror movies play off of real-life fears. Just like Lights Out plays off of schizophrenia and anxiety, Relic details the true horrors of dementia.

The film combines the horrors of the unknown with the paranormal world and the unknown world of patients with dementia. It's meaningful and scary at the same time!

Relic is currently available for streaming on Amazon.

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