The Pets of Iranian Socialites Are Getting Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

In Iran, cosmetic surgery for affluent pets is a pretty common practice. Botox, nose jobs, eyelifts, breast reductions, facelifts and devocalisations are common surgeries that pet owners opt to have done to their cat or dog. While it might seem slightly inhumane, procedures like ear cropping are common practices in the United States. However, the question remains whether or not these surgeries are for health reasons or purely for vanity, which is where the line blurs.

According to a chart published by The Daily, nose jobs are the most expensive pet procedures, costing around $750-$1,000 USD. Ear-docking and tail-cropping for dogs and tummy tucks for cats are the most popular procedures overall. However, there is a disagreement over the necessity of these procedures due to the economic climate. “These days, due to the high inflation rate, many people face difficulties to put bread on the table and to find a place to live in,” the Khorasan, an Iranian journal, wrote. “On the other hand, a group of people easily spends tens of millions on their pets.”

The average worker's minimum monthly wage in Iran is around $100 USD. The slim percentage of socialites are able to toss money at cosmetic surgeries for their pets, while other people are simply happy to be able to afford a cat or a dog at all. It begs the question of how far people will go for vanity and sacrifice the love and safety of their pet. 

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Post originally appeared on Endeared.