The Rumors of the Adelphia House in Philadelphia

The Adelphia House in Philadelphia, PA offers housing with updated-ish apartments and entertainment with live shows and a bar. Reviews on the building are mixed to say the least, but it's still an iconic building that has a significant part in Philly's history.

A Reddit user posted about the building four years ago detailing something startling that they found in the basement. 

While he was adventuring around with a bunch of his friends, they wandered into the basement and found leftovers of what seemed like a seance. 

"There was a huge pentagram with melted candles and satanic sigils written in chalk all over the place. there was also some mannequins and parts of mannequins laying around."


A commentator on the post backed up the original posters claims. They said that they used to work in the building and it's as creepy as everyone says it is. A lot of weird people would break in and hang out, apparently. 

Some even say that the Mason's used to run the city and that there are underground tunnels that lead to and from the Adelphia House for Mason's own secret use. People began to believe this theory, even more, when the city began to build subway services and ran into roadblocks that they couldn't really disclose...

The Adelphia House also used to be a hub for music back in the day. Huge bands like Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, and Black Flag have played there.

Of course, this is all local lore, but it's enough to create intrigue. Is there more going on than we know? 

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