The Shocking Net Worth of the Richest Person In Your State

Ever wonder who the richest person in your state is? It's time to find out! Spoiler: most of their riches comes from generational wealth. Who knew! 

Jimmy Rane, Alabama

Jimmy Rane's net worth is a whopping $900 million. Rane is a lumber industry big-wig who founded Great Southern Wood Preserving, the biggest lumber company in the state. He also goes by "The Yella Fella" due to his outlandish yellow cowboy outfit. He dolls himself up in yellow for the company commercials... That'll definitely get people talking. 

Leonard Hyde & Jonathan Rubini, Alaska

Leonard Hyde and Jonathan Rubini are worth $300 million each. The real estate partners own Anchorage's biggest buildings, including the well-known JL Tower and the ConocoPhillips Towers. In addition to large corporate buildings and towers, they also own Alaskan military housing developments and hotels. 


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