The Story Behind the Ghost Photo of St. Botolph's Church

St Botolph’s Church a Church of England parish church in London. It was built sometime in 1115 but was rebuilt multiple times to keep up with the aging infrastructure. 

Obviously, old buildings always harbor some sort of energy. The years of life lived within the walls is also a good indication that something might be haunted. This church has also been through quite a lot. 

The church was bombed during WWII and partially destroyed. After it was restored, it was damaged by a mysterious fire in 1965.

In addition to those tragic events, Catherine Eddowes, a victim of Jack the Ripper, was found dead on its grounds. This building holds a lot of history, so it came to no surprise that a photographer captured a photo of a ghost lurking the halls...

Chris Brackley took a photo inside the St. Botolph's church in 1982. He was shocked to see that a bizarre figure had turned up in the photo... When he took it, no one was there.

The film underwent investigation by film and photography experts to try and figure out if it had been tampered with at all. The experts said that there was no tampering on the negatives, including double exposures. Even scarier, a worker who helped restore the building said that he found a body in the walls of the church resembling the same face of the ghost... 

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