The Unnerving History of the Blackburn Cult

Just your normal “community group,” laden with sex scandals, disappearing people, and the attempted resurrection of a murdered 16-year-old “princess.”

Otis Blackburn (62) and her daughter Ruth (24) came onto the realization that divine angels Gabriel and Michael were speaking directly to them. They claimed that the angels were writing a book that would reveal the secrets of the universe and that the Earth would implode in an “apocalyptic event” when it was completed.

Because of these revelations, the duo founded the “Great Eleven,” which was a proclamation made by Otis Blackburn. She theorized that when the Earth comes to an end, what is left will be ruled by 11 queens that will reside in the Hollywood Hills.

So after this craziness went down, people started following the “Great Eleven” cult, which would be later known as just the Blackburn cult. They were known to have open animal sacrifices, sex scandals, and radically illegal money laundering. In fact, the Blackburn cult ran a bill of $200,000 worth of court fees fighting fraud cases.

The Blackburn cult had a difficult time managing itself internally, and had a few battles between members, resulting in the disappearance of a member named Samuel Rizzio, and the death of Frances Turner, who was a paralyzed woman that was a member of the cult. Blackburn placed her in a homemade oven they called the “redemption chamber.” She burned to death over the course of two days.

Probably the most bizarre thing that went down there was the attempted resurrection of 16-year-old Willa Rhoads. Rhoads was considered the “princess” of the Blackburn cult. She died under mysterious circumstances (go figure), and was found over a year later buried under the floorboards. She was partially mummified and was buried in a box with spices and salts from different parts of the earth, as well as seven dead dogs. This was said to have been an attempt to resurrect Rhoads in some other being, sad to say, this most likely didn’t work. Whether or not that was the case, because of this horrific evidence, the Blackburns were sent to jail, then died afterward, taking their secrets to the grave.

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