The Unsettling Murder of Mark Kilroy

What started as a routine missing persons investigation turned into a horrific history of cult-culture crime. 

College student Mark Kilroy was on spring break vacation in Mexico when he went missing. He was picked at random from thousands of tourists to be a part of a cult ritual that would end his life. 

Kilroy was abducted by a cult lead by Adolfo Costanzo, a notorious drug smuggler and criminal. When Kiloy first went missing, the police assumed it was a regular case of a drunk spring breaker getting himself lost. Upon further investigation, the case took a quick and sick turn. 

After Kilroy was abducted at the bars, the cult took him to a private ranch where the rest of the gang awaited their arrival. They tortured him for hours. Eventually, he was murdered by a swift blow to the back of the neck with a machete. 

Once Kilroy was dead, they started disassembling his body. They removed his brain and boiled it. His legs were chopped off at the knees in order to bury him somehwere on the grounds. 

It took months of intense investigation and interrogations to finally get a lead on where Kilroy could be. The officers pinpointed the ranch and led a search and seizure to try and extract evidence. Instead of jumping on arrests, they decided to wait it out and see what other information they could get, especially with the people that they had on the inside. 

The ranch's caretaker eventually pointed out Kilroy from a photo and confirmed that he had seen him on the property. Eventually, the police were lead to 14 bodies on the ranch, including Kilroy's. 

They interrogated the main players of the cult who told them the story... Kilroy was selected at random. They needed a white, Anglo man to sacrifice in order to keep themselves above the law. The police found out that most of the victims found on the lot were enemy drug dealers. 

Most of the cult members have been arrested and put into jail. The leader, Costanzo, directed his followers to kill him once the police were on his tail. Only two of the members remain at large.

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