The Woman with No Identity

Lori Erica Ruff was found dead in her car from a gunshot wound to the head outside of her estranged husbands family’s home. Despite all of their hardships as a couple, Blake Ruff was visibly shaken and upset. He had to go through the difficult task and finding her belongings to sort through. That’s when he made a horrible discovery. Lori had multiple state ID’s and multiple birth certificates, all with different names and states.

He had no idea who this woman really was. His family, on the other hand, were not surprised. Lori had always been evasive about her past. She avoided questions like the plague. Needless to say, his family was suspicious. Turns out, Lori stole the identity of a two-year-old girl who died years ago. She registered that with another state and eventually was able to change her name… She was totally incognito. Blake and Lori had a child together, who Lori was extremely overprotective of. She would have huge mental fits about the baby and tried to get Blake to get rid of his family. Blake filed for divorce and moved three hours out to his parents home. Lori was losing her mind quickly and was unable to care for their daughter. Neighbors called the police multiple times on her.

When she killed herself, she left two suicide notes that were complete ramblings. Eventually, police were able to find out that her name was actually Kimberly McLean, a girl who disappeared when she was 17. Her mother said that she thought Kimberly ran away because of her new step-father. Even though this case is closed, it’s still unknown as to why she did this. Mental illness is an obvious proponent, but everyone has their reasons…    

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