The World's Largest Ouija Board

The record holder for the World's Largest Ouija board is Salem, Mass. (of course). It's 9,000 pounds and 3,168 square feet. The planchette is 900 pounds and 15.5 feet long and 10 feet at its widest point. Somehow, it moves nearly effortlessly...

The board, called Ouijazilla, was crafted by Rick “Ormortis” Schreck. Schrek is the Vice President of the Talking Board Historical Society. Schreck began his Ouija board collection in 1992 with the intention of filling his house with them in hopes of making it haunted. It didn't work. 

Ouijazilla was unveiled on October 12, 2019. Its size surpassed the 2016 world record holder, Grand Midway Hotel in Windber, Pennsylvania. The giant board was located in the heart of Salem Common so visitors and locals could swing by to see it during the spooky holiday season. 

The board was constructed of 99 individual sheets of plywood. Schrek over 20 gallons of wood stain on the board alone! It was so massive, you could park five full-size 18-wheelers on top of Ouijazilla.

Ouijazilla was transported by truck from New Jersey to Massachusetts. The assembly of this monster required a team of close family, friends, and volunteers to make his dream come to life. Luckily, no evil spirits were released in the process. 


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