There Is an Upswing In Pets Being Poisoned By Marijuana Products

Vets are warning people against the dangers of THC-consumption in pets, whether it's accidental or otherwise. Edibles are a particularly high threat because dogs are naturally attracted to "infused products." This can cause serious health problems, and most people don't know this. “It can lead to depression, loss of balance, lack of coordination, and in some cases, seizures –- and dying, if the exposure is very high,” said Dr. Jose Arce, a veterinarian in Puerto Rico.

Most people don't report pot ingestion to their vet due to legality reasons, but they urge you to disclose this. “Time is the key here,” Dr. Arce said. “If the exposure happens and we can get that dog to vomit right away that's important because the absorption is less. The more time has passed, the bigger the quantity and the smaller the dog, the more dangerous it could be.”

While there's no treatment for this, your vet can start your pet on medication right away, such as vomiting-induction and anti-seizure treatments. If you're going to use THC products, it's imperative that you do so responsibly and you keep them out of reach of your pet. If they do ingest something, take action immediately.

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Post originally appeared on American Upbeat.