There's an Interesting Explanation for Why Triscuits Are Called Triscuits

If you've ever snacked on a Triscuit and wondered how it got its name, Twitter user Sage Boggs has all the answers. The New Yorker explained the rather fascinating story behind Triscuits—and it's not what you think.

Boggs attended a party a few years back at which he saw a box of Triscuits and proceeded to ask partygoers what the word "Triscuit" actually meant. He knew it was probably rooted in "biscuit," but what about the prefix "tri-"?


Boggs was told by most that "tri" simply referenced three ingredients, three layers, or something within that family, but nobody could say for sure. Even after a thorough Google search, Boggs came up empty-handed. He then decided to email Nabisco, at which point he was bestowed with some shocking information.

Boggs, still unsatisfied, did "a little sleuthing online" to discover something interesting...

Boggs discovered, much to his surprise, that Triiscuits didn't have anything to do with groups of three. In fact, the "tri" in Triscuits stood for something much more surprising: electricity!

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Post originally appeared on American Upbeat.