These '80s Fitness Stars Were Completely Transformed

By 3 months ago

Remember in the 1980s where everyone couldn't get enough of celebrity workout tapes and a few hit singles? If you weren't a part of a jazzercise or aerobics class, you were wasting your precious workout time. Remember icons like John Travolta, Jane Fonda, and Richard Simmons? Here's what they look like these days...

Sylvester Stallone - Then

Remember this guy? Who else could make boxing look so cool and enviably intense? Only Rocky Balboa, the legend of Philadelphia. Stallone played this iconic role perfectly and got incredibly in shape for the film and subsequent spin-offs and sequels. Though he wasn't the action legend critics thought he'd be, he definitely had an easy time after this flick...

Sylvester Stallone - Now

Stallone has stayed at the top of Hollywood royalty for a while, thanks to becoming the 3rd person in history to receive the two nominations for best actor and best screenplay for Rocky. His most recent flicks were Backtrace, Escape Plan: The Extractors, Rambo: Last Blood, and The Suicide Squad. Not a bad lineup!

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