These Are Most Tragic Sudden Deaths Of All Time

Bernie Mac, 50 Years Old

Bernie Mac, the Chicago-based comedian, broke out onto the scene after starring in "The Original Kings of Comedy" alongside Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer. Though he had a handful of notable film roles, his most acclaimed project was "The Bernie Mac Show." He sadly passed away from a disease called sarcoidosis, which causes tissue inflammation. 

Brittany Murphy, 32 Years Old

The "Uptown Girls," "Clueless," and "Riding In Cars With Boys" actress was every scene's It Girl in the 90s. She dated Ashton Kutcher and Simon Monjack for a time and was never seen without her signature honey-blonde hair. Though the media suspected she had a drug addiction, she denied it. She died from pneumonia in 2009, though an overdose was ruled out as her cause of death. 


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