These Eerie Ancient Mysteries Have Never Been Solved

With the recent inventions of DNA testing and better forensic evidence, many cold case files from the past few decades have been able to be solved, but what about the unsolved mysteries from centuries ago? It's unlikely that some of those ancient legends will ever be solved. 

The Codex Gigas, better known as the Devil's Bible, was first written in the 13th century by a monk who was said to have made a deal with the Devil. He had hoped that this deal would allow him to finish the book. The story goes that the monk violated his vows and was going to be walled-up alive to pay for his crimes. This would have been almost certain death, so he had an idea. The monk vowed to the monastery should they let him live, he would write a book that would span and explain all human knowledge in only one day. He sold his soul to the Devil in order to do so.

Twelve pages of the manuscript were never discovered, and it is believed by some that the missing pages were used as a method to conjure the devil.

Not every mystery is so sinister though. For example, did you know there was an Atlantis in Japan? Off the coast of Yonaguni Jima, an underwater city estimated to be 5,000 years old was discovered in the deep seas. Discovered in 1995 by a recreational diver, the city was first treated as a series of strange rock formations and wasn't fully investigated. After a little more diving though, researchers realized that this might be the lost city of Jomon. 

Scientists hypothesized that the city probably became submerged in the ocean as sea levels rose. It is still undergoing exploration, but experts have high hopes that this could lead to the discovery of other cities lost to time. 

We're always trying to solve puzzles, whether it be tracking down DNA from a suspect or following leads, there is always evidence to be found. With stories like these, however, some evidence can never be explained. You never know what could be out there, or what kind of eerie history lives in your own backyard...

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