Actors Who Were Supposed To Be The Next Big Thing But Fizzled Out

As Hollywood trends come and go, so does the need for certain actors. Many child actors never break into the industry, and many high-profile stars burn out after a couple of big jobs. Do you remember what these stars were in before they faded away?

Taylor Lautner

Even though it's pretty weird, Taylor Lautner became a teenage sex symbol at the age of (probably) 14. He starred in early films like Sharkboy and Lavagirl and Cheaper By The Dozen 2 before taking a leading role as Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga. He won over the hearts of teenage girls everywhere after he made it big portraying the werewolf love interest.

Teenage Sellout

Unfortunately, Lautner went from teenage sex symbol to teenage sellout, unable to book many gigs after the Twilight movies. He'd apparently peaked as a werewolf, and Hollywood wasn't invested in his career as it was in Robert Pattinson's. Now, he dates a normal college girl and lives a low-profile life.


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The More You Know

  • The real Frank Abagnale Jr. appears in Catch Me If You Can as the French policeman who arrests Leo.
  • In Saving Private Ryan, all of the main cast were given basic military training except Matt Damon, in the hope that the cast would build a resentment towards him necessary for the role.
  • Jennifer Lopez was the first actress to have a movie and an album hit number one in the same week.
  • While filming Rocky IV, Dolph Lundgren punched Sylvester Stallone's chest so hard, his heart slammed against his breastbone, causing it to swell and his systolic blood pressure shot to over 200. Filming was halted as Stallone was flown to a nearby hospital and spent eight days in intensive care.
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