Actors Who Were Supposed To Be The Next Big Thing But Fizzled Out

Shailene Woodley

Before she was Hazel Grace in The Fault in Our Stars, she was Amy in 2008's The Secret Life of the American Teenager. However, despite landing several high-profile gigs like The Descendents and Divergent, Woodley couldn't seem to hold on to relevancy.  

Big Little Lies

After taking some time off from the big screen, Woodley was cast as a minor lead role in HBO's Big Little Lies. The role isn't as glamorous as Reese Witherspoon or Nicole Kidman's, but she is a driving force in the cast. She's done some indie films here and there, but none that have scored big at the box office.


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The More You Know

  • Steven Spielberg pops up for a cameo in Vanilla Sky wearing a Pre-Crime baseball cap.
  • That slightly scandalous charcoal drawing of a topless Kate Winslet in Titanic was drawn by none other than the director himself, James Cameron.
  • The film rating system began in 1968
  • "Psycho" was the first time a flushing toilet was shown on screen.
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