This Aussie Owner Made a Luxury Dog House for Her Pups

Some pets really live quite a pampered life. For her beloved "fur babies" as she calls them, the Aussie woman designed a luxury dog house out of recycled crates and a few cheap items from Bunnings. After that, it was just a matter of creativity. She began by painting the crates a deep navy with white stripes on the side. Then she added a rooftop made of steel and planted flowers to adorn the side of the animal kingdom. 

The woman posted her creation to a Facebook group of locals. "We used temp fence panels and one enclosure gate panel to make the enclosure, we sprayed them with black spray paint," she wrote. Though it was impressive from the outside, it was just as beautiful and functional when the sun when down. She added festoon lights under the steel roofing to give the house a little more of a home-like feeling. 

Totally completed, the doghouse boasted festoon lights, a water tank, several solar lamps, and a grassy patio out front. Many commenters agreed it was a fascinating and creative way to recycle something no longer usable into a place for a pet. Her post received well over 800 likes and many comments of praise. 

"How cool is this and they have their own vertical garden. Amazing," wrote one woman under the post. Amazing, indeed. 

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Post originally appeared on Endeared.