Hiker Finds Something Unexplainable In Photos From Her Trip

Several Missing Person's Cases

Because the trail is so vast and the peaks drop off so suddenly, Dundas Peak has been a hotspot for missing hikers. Since 2016, more than 140,000 tourists have visited the peak despite the warnings. One particular hiker had no idea they'd play a very important role in the peak's history after their visit...

One Particular Photo 

The photo in question, which looked similar to this one, was no different from countless other photos taken at the edge of the peak. At first glance, there was nothing out of the ordinary to see here. Aside from the man perched on the edge of a rock, there was something else lurking in the background...


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The More You Know

  • Elvis only won 3 Grammys.
  • About 7% of all humans who have ever lived are alive today.
  • The United States defense budget of $698 billion is more than the next seventeen nations combined.
  • Earth is 4.54 billion years old.
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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.