UFO Sightings In Kazakhstan

Documents were recently released that described exactly how Russian special services fought a “secret war with aliens.” Former members of the special forces said that they recorded the movement of material objects at an insane speed multiple times. The speed reached up to about 230 knots (250 miles per hour).

There have been numerous testimonies from former intelligence officers. They all claim that UFOs were seen in many in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

The most incredible facet of this find is the newly discovered photos. According to the authors of the photos, a flying saucer was captured flying over the Kazakh mountains in 1995.

Included in the docket is also a list of cities where UFOs had been seen:

Included in the files are the results of a study conducted by the commission on anomalous phenomena of the Russian Geographical Society in St. Petersburg, which concluded that the objects seen were unidentified.

As a disclaimer, UFO doesn't equate to aliens. It just means that these objects are not claimed by anyone or anything, and that they are unidentified.

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