UK Man Makes Creepy Sculptures That Will Give You Nightmares

If you were afraid of the dark before, just wait until you see these pictures. A man in Peterborough, UK, has made waves on the internet for creating some of the grossest and creepiest creations ever seen. In fact, these photos might be too much to look at for some people. Jason Rooney, the man behind the monsters, creates the sculptures for his online store called "One Of A Kind Handmade Horrors."

Jason got the idea a long time ago when he was crafting for the creepiest international holiday, Halloween. "I started making them about 4 years ago after using clay to create my own Halloween mask," wrote Jason on his site description. Once he realized he had a knack for making things that are truly vile to look at, he knew that he could make a booming business and turn his hobby into major profit. 

Jason says that he draws a lot of his inspiration from the genre of 80s horror flicks. He also says that, as a kid, regular toys didn't always cut it for him. He grew up with an interest in all things grody, grotesque, and gross. "I always had gross and creepy toys as a kid," said Jason "[A]nd like to recreate how these things made me feel." Jason makes everything from real (and scary) human faces, to animal hybrids,  to eerie monsters. 

Each creation takes a few days to get perfect. He typically makes a few at a time, so he's always rotating his focus onto something new. Ever since his business has seen success, he has not returned to his day job as a butcher. You can purchase one of Jason's designs from his online store, or find more information from his Instagram pages. That is, if you're brave enough to check it out...

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