US Navy Pilot Admits To Seeing UFOs "Hundreds of Times"

Former US Navy pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves had been interviewed about his UFO experiences on 60 Minutes. He claimed that he had seen strange flying objects throughout his career. 

At one point, he said that he had seen the UFOs (or UAPs, as he described them) every day between 2015 and 2017. In his personal experience, he saw most of these UAPs off of the coast of Virginia.

Graves spoke on the ultra-fast objects that they couldn't identify as security threats. 

"To be honest, I'm worried. You know, if there were tactical aircraft from another country, that would be a major problem." 

US Senator Marco Rubio appeared on the segment as well and put out the warning to erase the stigma of UAPs. "I want us to take this seriously and develop a process for how to deal with it. I want us to have a process for analyzing the data every time it comes up. To have a place where these events are cataloged and constantly analyzed until we get the answers." 

It seems that the higher up's in the intelligence community might know more than they're letting on and that we should worry a bit more about UAPs. This doesn't exactly warrant the idea of aliens, but they're not ruling that out...

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