Varina Parkway: The Most Haunted Road in America

In the summer of 2020, a long-haul trucker witnessed a group of three Native American men wearing breechcloths, carrying torches, and marching in the middle of the newly-opened Varina Parkway. The trucker assumed that the men were staging a protest against the parkway and honked at them angrily before reporting the incident at the toll plaza.

The toll worker took the complaint and put it on the record... This wasn't the first time someone had seen the Native men. An engineer, who was working nights to finish the parkway, reported that he and several coworkers spotted a Native American man on a horse stationed at the bottom of the bridge. They were about to approach him when he vanished.

This parkway was quickly deemed "haunted." Toll workers have noticed paranormal activity that they can't explain. One woman claims she saw a can of soda move across the table on its own. Another one dealt with mischievous spirits who liked to bang on the metal walls of the toll booth. A majority of toll workers in the last 18 years have claimed to hear chants, drums, and hollering sounds. 

Neighbors near the parkway claim that they're not surprised... They've been haunted the entire time.

Excavators from the College of William and Mary found Native American artifacts dating back 6,000 years, and historians have speculated that the area was inhabited as long ago as 3500 BC. All of these were found near the toll plaza site and along the stretch of highway. 

To this day, people still see Native Americans along the parkway. Some are on horses, others are in groups marching. 


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