VIDEO: Woman's Dead Cat Visits Her

This video might just be proof that our furry friends truly never leave our sides, even when they're no longer Earthbound. A woman in England shared footage from her home security system that seemed peculiar but familiar. 

The camera points at the front door of her apartment. In that shot, we can see most of her apartment. It starts recording when she gets home. You can hear her greeting the other cats in the apartment as the lights start turning on. Then, something manifests on the couch right before our eyes...

“I’m not sure I can explain this, but the surveillance camera in my house caught what looks like my cat, who died almost exactly a year ago. He materialized on our couch,” she wrote. 

It's bizarre, and it doesn't help that the camera is a bit fuzzy. But, it's easy to tell that the cat was not there in one frame, and then manifests in the next few. 

The cat does not move on the sofa, and it doesn't seem like the living cat notices anything out of the ordinary. But, to the woman, it's the striking resemblance of her passed furry friend that makes this video so crazy. Plus, she said, there's nothing black on that couch that would even simulate a cat. 

“I believe in paranormal things, but I always try to find a logical explanation,” the woman wrote. Still, she doesn't know what the camera caught. She'd like to think it's her furry friend! 

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