What Are Manifestations of People Who Are Still Alive Called?

Many people have shared bizarre stories of seeing a manifestation of a living loved one. The people sharing the story don't even understand it themselves, but it's a phenomenon that has happened time and time again. 

A person could be hanging around their home when, all of the sudden, a ghostly apparition of their partner manifests in front of them. It's not a ghost, though... This person is alive, miles away. Some people have hypothesized that these manifestations occur when a person is in trouble and wants help, and their "spirit" goes to the person who they feel the closest to.

Obviously, there are no "studies" of these cases. They are completely random and not able to be investigated like other 'paranormal' things. 

Another bizarre anomaly is when a loved one appears to someone at the exact time of their death. For example, a woman remembers waking up in the middle of the night to see her father sitting at the foot of her bed. It was bizarre because she knew that he was in a nearby nursing home. The apparition was so real that she had trouble falling asleep. Later that day, her mother called her to say that her father passed away overnight.

Stories like this exist all over the world. It's difficult to determine fact from fiction and easier to trust the storytellers word. If this is a true occurrence, what kind of psychology can go behind it? How do you explain knowing of someone's death before actually knowing it?

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