What 'Back to School' Looks Like in 2020

This year certainly hasn't been an easy one, particularly for families with school-age children. As the last school year ended with many students learning from home, returning back to school is looking much the same. While some schools are returning to in-person classes with new safety measures in place, others are beginning a new school year online. While many 'back to school' traditions will look very different, parents are still doing their best to keep some traditions alive.

In true 2020 fashion, "back to school" photos are looking a bit different this year. From photos snapped in their PJs holding signs depicting their "learn-from-home" struggles, to kids sporting their school uniforms and covered up head to toe in PPE, parents and children alike are trying to make the best of a strange and new situation. People of the internet have not disappointed in showing off their children's 2020 "back-to-school" looks, and some are truly hilarious...

So, to all the parents out there struggling with how to navigate this new normal, hopefully, you can take solace in knowing you're not alone. To the educators out there wondering how they're going to survive an unprecedented new school year, know that everyone applauds your commitment to your work and to your students—your agility is the reason students are still able to learn, even if it's in a new way. And to the kids out there heading back to school, be patient with your parents and teachers, and wear a mask!

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.