Willow the Dog Lends a Helping Hand to Fellow 'Branch Manager'

While Harper the dog is certainly a capable "branch manager," even the best managers sometimes need a helping hand. 

Recently, Harper was caught on camera attempting to carry a large branch at the park, but she was struggling just a bit. Despite her best efforts, she needed a little assistance from her mom, Willow, who was happy to help. 

"Both have determined personalities and are always so proud when they are doing it," their owner Tanya told The Dodo. "They carry [the sticks] for about a kilometer around our 5-kilometer park where they need to get through crosswalks and bollards—which they have now perfected.”

“Harper gets distracted by people wanting to talk to her,” she added, “But Mum is always there to help her keep moving on.”

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.