Woman Uses Tiktok to Try and Reopen Her Sister's Case

A young woman has blown up on Tiktok seemingly overnight about her sister's missing person case. Sarah Turney believes that she has evidence against her father which encourages the idea that he killed her sister after molesting her for years. 

Turney has a podcast called Voices for Justice where she talks about her sister's disappearance. She details the mistreatment that she faced with the police and how they didn't take her disappearance seriously enough. They never interviewed her father.


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In 2001, Alissa Turney was a 17-year-old junior in high school She lived with her stepsister Sarah and stepfather Michael Turney. She went missing on the last day of school. According to Michael, he picked her up from school for lunch where they had a fight. He left to run some errands, but she was gone when he returned. She had apparently left a note stating that she ran away to California. 

Michael called the police but there was no investigation as she was labeled a runaway. He claimed that she called him once, but that was it. Her social security number was untouched. Her money was untouched. The aunt in California that she was "probably" living with never heard from her.

Michael was known to be paranoid. The police searched his home after he refused to show them the home security tapes and audio. That's when they found 26 home-made pipebombs and a 90-page manifesto about Alissa. The manifesto alleged that she was kidnapped by men in the electrical union he used to work for. 

They also found handwritten notes from Alissa about her abuse from Michael. She said that he molested her. There were also contracts written up by Michael and "signed" by Alissa stating that she was never molested.

Sarah Turney has proof that her father molested Alissa, including a video where Alissa says, "Dad's a pervert." Sarah is outspoken on her Tiktok account and podcast about the lack of investigation and care from the local police department.  Sarah Turney announced in her podcast that the Phoenix police department are submitting Alissa’s case to the prosecutor’s office for charges against Michael Turney. 

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