Wynn resorts screening guests with thermal cameras

In the wake of the coronavirus, this chain of Las Vegas resorts is using thermal cameras to screen guests' internal temperatures.

CEO Matt Maddox released a statement regarding new policies in response to the spread of COVID-19:

"We will be screening for temperature using non-invasive thermal cameras at all our entrances," he said. "Any person registering a temperature of 100.4F or higher will be discreetly informed by a trained member of the security team and not be permitted to remain inside the resort."

The thermal cameras aren't all—Wynn Resorts has also moved to strike all large entertainment gatherings, including buffers, nightclubs, and theaters in Boston and Las Vegas.

"We will monitor the situation to determine any additional action that may be required," Maddox added.

Since Thursday morning, COVID-19 has managed to shut down part of the Las Vegas Strip.

"These changes are temporary and will be evaluated on a weekly basis," the company stated.

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Post originally appeared on American Upbeat.