A New Development in the Disappearance of Nóra Quoirin

This London based 15-year-old has been missing for a week now, this is what we know.

On Sunday, August 4th, Nóra Quoirin, and her family checked into a hotel in Seremban, Malaysia. They arrived late and immediately put Nóra, their 15-year-old daughter, to bed. Around 8 the next morning, Nóra’s mother discovered Nóra was missing from her room.

Nóra is a high functioning autistic child, and it is difficult to rationalize why she would leave her room late at night. Nóra was especially connected to her family, and she always looked for her parent’s permission to do anything, especially alone.

Nóra’s family states that she never would have escaped on her own, and they suspect some foul play is involved. However, the local authorities do not think that was the case and the suspect that Nóra walked off on her own.

There is currently no conclusive evidence of what happened, and Malaysian authorities have prompted a full-blown search as of now. There is a team of 214 individuals, two drones, and a helicopter searching for Nóra.

Since her disappearance, ground forces have searched the surrounding 30 miles thoroughly, with no evidence of Nóra’s whereabouts. The Malaysian news will be covering this story in-depth when any progress is made, but for now, we wait.

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