'American Horror Story: 1984' Wraps Up Tonight

American Horror Story season 9 is coming to a close tonight on FX. Episode 9 is titled "Final Girl," which is something that was alluded to in the last episode. 

Things are coming to a head as the music festival comes together. People are dying and coming back at ghosts, of course, but now it's the dead who are doing the killing. Plus, things got interesting when Mr. Jingles showed up dead. 

So, who is the coveted Final Girl? Does this even count the girls who are dead? The last living girls are Brooke (Emma Roberts), Margaret Booth (Leslie Grossman), and Donna Chambers (Angelica Ross). 

One thing is for sure, though: Finn Wittrock is back for the last episode. After all, he's become an iconic AHS actor. How could he not? 

Some fans have been speculating that Sarah Paulson will come back as reporter Lana Winters or psychic Billie Dean Howard. The ghosts' biggest goal is to get a paranormal medium at the camp, anyway.  Unfortunately, she has denied the claims. Boo!


There's definitely a lot to wrap up in this last episode. We've got the Richard Ramirez plot, what happens with Mr. Jingles, Brooke and Donna heading to the festival, Maragaret trying to put on the festival, Montana and Trevor's bizarre relationship, all of the dead counselors and victims of Mr. Jingles... The list goes on. 

If anything, this just means that the finale will be filled with a lot of twists, emotion, and drama. In true Ryan Murphy fashion, the audience should expect more back story and more twists. 

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